Ten Scrolls

A fictional series about a magical world called Auril and how our actions on Earth affects its existence.


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The Ten Scrolls


For Humanity

The Ten Scrolls is a series of books, that envelop the problems we all face as humanity. At the core of magic, the book delves into the hearts and minds of children and adults alike, in courage, love, hope and faith, to find the similarities we have and to make our world a better place.

The Ten Scrolls is a series of ten books that were translated from a silver chest I found in orchards that surrounded my home. Who wrote them and what they mean to us as humanity, no one can ever know or comprehend.

I was tasked to write them by a strange voice that knew my name and I write them with care and correction as they seem to echo the unfolding story of our lives as humanity, for it seems that the fate of the people of this book are bound to the fate of our actions as humanity.

Written in support of The Guardians of the Earth, The Ten Scrolls will reopen the caverns of your mind and take you on a journey with amazing creatures through mystical lands, Loveable characters and powerful enemies all tugging and moulding the fate of our own existence. A truth none of us ever knew, a truth now being revealed to all the people of Earth.

Rediscover your childhood memories and open your heart to the change the book inspires, for it is now that these words are most needed.

Buy your copy of the Ten Scrolls and Make a Difference in the lives of the environment, people and animals that The Guardians of the Earth supports.

I hope you enjoy this website, it is a magical place, filled with laughter and joy, awaken your mind to the possibilities that their story is set to inspire to our world.

The Journey Begins

A journey begins to unite the races of Auril. The tides of doom descend upon its lands. Is this the end of all things?

Their time has joined with ours.

All the magical things you believed in as a child and others you never heard of, are about to come to life.

It appears that all is lost.

Soon the magical veil of belief that protects and hides their world from ours will fade and Aeon will take dominion over all of creation.

The mighty will of Aeon controls and overpowers the people of Auril.

Across the veil, the Earth is erupting, great winds of change move across the face of your planet, it defends you, like a mother, from the evil that sets it will against your existence.

From within the magical city of Endorin, a light shines, calling once more the races of Auril to unite and to save the very existence of life.

The scrolls of time are open and the truth of your world is before you.

My child, you are the beacon that will change the history of this world and ours.

Remember, as you once did when you were a child, for that is all that can undo the destruction surrounding us all.
Ten Scrolls